Ref-Chem is a merit-shop providing safe quality industrial construction, engineering, EPC and maintenance throughout the continental United States.

Services Provided

  • Civil Construction
  • Process Piping Fabrication & Installation
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Mechanical Construction
  • Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation
  • EPC Construction Management
  • Equipment Setting
  • Small Cap/ Maintenance

Key Elements of Our Service (proven experience)

For over 60 years Ref-Chem has provided the total construction management package for industrial facilities related to the oil and gas, chemical, refining, air separation, petrochemical, minerals processing, power, cement and manufacturing industries.

Ref-Chem offers innovative, creative and responsive solutions to our customers’ diverse challenges, and we base our reputation on our willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers’ needs are not only met but exceeded. Ref-Chem’s strongest suit is that we are flexible and responsive to accomplishing our customer’s goals, from contract strategies to methods of execution. Ref-Chem adapts to a customer’s individual needs. We have a reputation for quality construction projects and pride ourselves in our ability to execute a very broad range of project sizes.

Industrial Construction

Ref-Chem is dedicated to producing quality work with the highest degree of safety for the benefit of our customers, employees and the community. Our goal is to achieve excellence through planning, training, and error-free execution.

Proactive Safety and Loss Prevention: Ref-Chem is committed first and foremost to a safe and healthy work environment. To that end, we have trained our field management personnel in the recognition, avoidance and prevention of conditions that lead to accidents. Positive behaviors and desired results are rewarded by means of executive letters of recognition, awards presentations, incentives and personal growth within the company. The Superintendent, General Foreman and all field hourly employees must pay constant and careful attention to all safety issues. Safety performance is a key element in the evaluation of overall performance by our superintendents and general foremen, in which compensation is impacted by achieved safety results.

ConstructionQuality Control and Quality Assurance: Ref-Chem, L.P. is committed to providing the highest quality services and workmanship attainable. We believe this goal can be attained best by working closely with our clients’ personnel. We employ a field force of highly skilled craftsmen who are a well-qualified. These individuals include dedicated and quality conscious supervision, and other support staff.

Project Control Systems Planning and Scheduling Software: The project control team at Ref-Chem is oriented toward problem-solving and innovative approaches to achieving our customers’ project objectives. The development of project control begins early in the bidding process, wherein we develop resource-loading charts, preliminary schedules and equipment utilization schedules. During project execution we utilize weekly cost reports, productivity reports and progress reports to track cost, man hours expended, committed material, and subcontract expenditures and schedules. Data collection and reporting tools are used to identify problems, address required action, and keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Training and Education: Our in-depth training ensures that quality assurance/quality control procedures are implemented in the field. Quality assurance and quality control personnel have, at a minimum, four years of experience and a CWI License or a SNT-TC-1A Level II Certification in VT, PT and Radiographic Film Interpretation. In addition, QA/QC personnel are required to complete 12 classroom hours of continuing education in their respective inspection field each year. Most of our field supervisors are trained in proper quality control techniques, and have the training and experience required to certify them as Level II inspectors for the company.