1. 9 175x130 Construction


    For over 60 years Ref-Chem has provided the total package for industrial facilities related to the oil and gas, chemical, refining, air separation, petrochemical, minerals processing, power, cement and manufacturing industries.

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  2. blueprint 175x116 Engineering


    The Engineering team at Ref-Chem provides engineering and design-build services throughout the country to a wide range of industries in the oil and gas; refining and petro-chemicals markets.

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  3. iStock 000021326634Small 175x116 Turnkey EPC

    Turnkey EPC

    Ref-Chem provides quality turnkey services for most industrial projects. We provide seamless integration of engineering, procurement and construction services throughout all phases of a project.

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  4. Denver City 4 175x131 Small Capital

    Small Capital

    Ref-Chem's small capital group is a niche group, focusing on projects performing very quick-strike fashion, with minimal overhead and cost.

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  5. Huntsman 9 175x131 E & I

    E & I

    Ref-Chem has experience with installing systems in oil and gas, refining, manufacturing, material handling, and chemicals industries.

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  6. Cemex 6 175x113 Maintenance


    Ref-Chem has over 60 years of industrial experience providing a full range of in-plant contract services, including operations and maintenance.

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